Onsite Service – Anderson Computer provides onsite services for your technology interests, needs and, of course, problems. Our experience enables us help you with planning, developing solutions and diagnosing and fixing your business issues. We service onsite locally so we are able to respond quickly to your requests.

Supervised Service – Your business has all the abilities to be successful day to day – except possibly a strategy for proactive technology support. But hiring a qualified technical resource may be hard to do for a myriad of reasons. Anderson Computer offers the solution. We ARE your Technology Department, able to monitor and service proactively and reactively your day to day technical needs and issues. And since that’s what we do, you don’t have to worry about a staffed person, or at least your staffed person has resources through our support. Bottom line, your technology headaches are relieved!

Depot Service – Anderson Computer provides depot services for your computer and related devices. This service enabled us to use our in-house tools and testing equipment to quickly diagnose and repair your device. We pride ourselves on quick turn-around and reasonable fees.

Hardware – Anderson Computer is a full service technology company. As, an authorized reseller, we can provide hardware for whatever solution you may need. Our computers are “Build To Order”, (or BTO), which means we spec your computers with the right hardware and software, using your investment best where it makes sense for your company. Whether its BTO computers, servers, printers, network equipment, whatever, we can source the right equipment and then install for you.

Remote Service – Anderson Computer offers, and recommends, enabling remote support for all your computing devices. Our tiered offerings allows us to easily remotely fix and manage your computer environment, without the need to “be there”. Many of your daily issues can be resolved quickly this way. In addition, we offer this service at a discounted fee over our normal onsite service.

Software – Like hardware, Anderson Computer can also source and install the applications you need to run your business. In addition, we have clients who have to source software or computing platforms from designated vendors. We work with these vendors, providing the link between them and you to get, and keep, your business up and running. We document your technical environment. This way, we have information ongoing for redundant installation and configuration events, without “reinventing the wheel” every time your business needs to make a change.